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Welcome to The New Arcanist website.

An arcanist is someone who combines the mystic’s desire for union with god with the occultist’s scientific approach. They are someone who moves beyond the intellectual understanding into a focussed program of self transformation and thereby, in some manner, have an effect upon the world.

This site is about taking the arcanist’s wisdom and applying it to the problems and issues that face the world today, whether it be on an individual, national or international level.

My Journey

It all began when I was twelve years of age when my sister shared with me her own wisdom and gave me a book by Lobsang Rampa to read. However, it was my first proper job, in my early twenties, with the Theosphical Publishing House and Bookshop in London that gave me the oppurtunity for greater study. During this time I studied with the Theosophical Society itself, a Sufi group and the Buddhist Society. I went on to represent several esoteric publishers in the Greater London area which allowed me to pursue my esoteric studies even further.

I trained in many forms of alternate therapy including remedial massage, aromatherapy, chinese medicine and acupressure. To complement the physical aspect of treatment I went on to train as a counseler in Nero-Linguistic Programming.

Many years later I was to discover an international group of esoteric students based in Australia and I continued my esoteric studies with them becoming an international spiritual mentor in my own right and eventually organising their first British Conference here in the UK.

Six years ago I began an intensive study and development course with The Arcane School which has taken my training to new levels of insight and wisdom.

Why The Arcanist website?

The arcane path is, by its nature, a very solitary path but on occasion you will meet someone who understands the arcane perspective and a long conversation will take place where together you will ‘put the world to rights’ and stimulate each other to new knowledge and understanding.

The world today presents many daunting challanges with seemingly no obvious solutions and I read many posts on social media from my friends seeking answers to these issues. I hope this site will help stimulate understanding and facillitate some new ideas and concepts towards future solutions.

What to expect from The New Arcanist

Alongside my own articles it is my intention to interview other people who, by sharing their own experiences and ideas, will shed a little light on some of the problems we face today.

I will be reviewing books and articles on many subjects that share insights on some issue or suggest a new concept as a solution.

In amongst the discussion and debate I will be introducing artists, photographers and musicians who, through their work, share their own thoughts and feelings, or seek to stimulate your own.

I hope you enjoy the site as it develops and that you find a little light amongst it’s pages. I encourage you to comment and suggest people, books or articles that you would think would stimulate visitors and add to the ethos of the site.


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